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Haeberlen Book - HTML

Plain text version of the Haeberlen Book from 1937. Translation by Martina Weber, Ramstein, Germany,

Haeberlen Book - GIF

Faksimile edition, scanned from the Haeberlen Book (in German)

Haeberlen Book - Die Tafeln

Verwandschaftsbeziehungen grafisch dargestellt

Haeberlen Letters

Haeberlen clan news letter from 1937 to 1965. Translation by Cristina Mohr, June 1988

All Surnames

All surnames and their occurrence.

Private Area

For access to the private area an account and a password are required. Only family members will receive an account. Pease email for your personal account. If you have any doubt about privacy, please contact me.

Haeberlen Famliy Tree

Famliy tree of the Haeberlens based on the Haeberlen Book, continued up to today. New datenbase version with integrated PhpGedview.

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